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How Orthodontists Can Improve Search Engine Positioning

How Orthodontists Can Improve Search Engine Positioning

Many dentists who have a private practice do not realize that they may not be listed properly on local search engines. That is an important issue to clear up because most people today do not use a telephone book for information. They look up information, even local information, on the internet, so if dentists are not listed properly, perspective new patients will not even know they exist. Graig Presti Local Search For Dentists is a website that can help private practices verify listings, improve rankings, and strengthen their overall internet presence.

The goal of 7 figure marketing school is to help private practices get new patients, increase revenues, and take full advantage of the internet as a marketing resource. One of the things that can improve rankings is an increase in positive patient reviews of the practice. There are several ways dentists encourage patients to write reviews online. The website provides suggestions from which dentists can choose, depending on their comfort level and their knowledge of their patients.

A personalized Email inviting a patient to write a review, accompanied by an appropriate link, is one idea. Providing links on the practice website is also an easy way to encourage reviews, as well as asking them while they are in the office. A short handout giving step by step instructions for leaving a review is also helpful. The important thing is to make sure reviews are placed on the website or social media pages directly, rather than via third party review sites. Those reviews will not increase rankings.

Many dentists who have video testimonials on Graig Presti reviews, indicate that services have improved their practices in a short period of time. They mention that increasing their videos on social media and their own websites have worked well as patients have responded favorably to seeing the videos. Many studies show that videos generate more responses than written posts and content. If there are no videos on the practice website, or social media pages, it is definitely time to add some. That is one more thing a dentist can do to improve local search engine rankings.

Dentists can go to Graig Presti Reviews to see testimonials for themselves. The website also offers free reports, access to local SEO tips, case studies, offers for discounts on services, blog posts, and a place to register for webinars, as well as a free telephone training. A private practice takes years to develop and succeed, so do not hesitate to strengthening it with a complete internet presence.

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